Where is Rushy Mead?


Rushy Mead is situated just south of the M4 between Shinfield, Lower Earley, Sindlesham, and Arborfield. Just on the other side of the M4 is Lower Earley - a densely populated area with many thousands of residents.


The proposed site for the wind farm is on land next to several listed or ancient buildings.


It is very close to a bridleway and byway much used by walkers, horse riders, cyclists, bird watchers, etc. There are very few other such unspoilt spots in the area. The bridleway is one of the few circular routes remaining locally and much relied on by local equestrian business.


It is also a haven for wildlife including many species of birds, badgers, and weasels - to mention only a few.


In addition the turbines are within a few hundred meters of residents living in the area.



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Householders Against Rushy Mead